Ocean Freight Service In India

Meinigar Technologies Private Limited (Stockarea) offers premier ocean freight services in India to optimise all your shipping needs, taking your business overseas and beyond

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Ocean Freight Containers We Provide

  • FCL Freight Containers

    FCL Freight containers serve a single owner at a time and are suitable if you need to deal with a large quantity of goods at higher security with faster delivery.
  • LCL Freight Containers

    LCL Freight Containers group together moderate volumes of goods belonging to several shippers until a container is full, and are perfect for small cargo volumes.
  • Reefer Containers

    Also known as Refrigerated containers, these are used to ship goods requiring refrigerated or frozen conditions for their transport, such as fruit, vegetables, dairy and other perishable food items.
  • Bulk Carriers

    A Bulk Carrier is a ship characterised by a high deadweight tonnage and slow speed and is suitable for transporting unpacked bulk cargo, such as coal, ore, building materials, grains and sand.
Ocean Freight Service Partner

Benefits Stockarea offers as your Ocean Freight Partner

Ocean Freight Partner benefits
Ocean Freight Partner benefits

Competitive Prices

We offer best-in-class and specialised ocean freight services at the most competitive prices to shippers


We offer the most appropriate vessels for all your cargo requirements, capable of efficiently transporting any and all freight products


Our Ocean Freight Containers are designed to transport hazardous goods safely and securely, ensuring the safety of your consignment

Speedy Operations

We provide easy scheduling of cargo pick-up and ensure streamlined, hassle-free and fast shipping, offering you a speedy delivery experience

Value Added Services


From the preparation of the certificates to the payment of duties, our experts take care of all your documentation requirements

Shipment Inspection

We conduct a professional inspection of your ocean freight, ensuring it meets your required quality standards


Your cargo is sorted by our qualified staff to ensure adherence to delivery dates and precise handling of the flow of your cargo

Industries We Serve



Automobiles and their components are typically manufactured in certain countries and then shipped by ocean freight to other countries for assembly or final export



Medicines and lab equipment are carried in large quantities by cargo vessels. Reefer containers guarantee their efficient delivery without the risk of spoilage

mineral fuel

Mineral Fuel

Petroleum products constitute a large part of the overseas trade. Specialised tankers are efficient in transporting them safely with minimum exposure to physical and biological hazards

Food Industry

Food Industry

Dry Van Containers and Reefer Ships provide the ideal temperature and moisture conditions for transporting food products all year round over long overseas distances



Importers and exporters of electronic goods are growingly opting for ocean freight to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology and faster transportation



Ocean freight is becoming an increasingly important mode of transport for e-commerce enterprises looking to ship their items internationally at a lower cost

Why choose Stockarea as your Ocean Freight Partner?

Stockarea offers advanced ocean freight services to provide the best shipping experience to you. With our wide variety of containers and finest value-added services, we make sure that you get best-in-class shipping solutions and a wholesome business experience.

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